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Still working on this!

pictures from family new 1
pictures from families.
Pictures from families new 5
pictures from families 4
pictures from families
pictures from families 3
Previous pups  Keeley
previous pups Boris
Previous pups grem 2
previous pups hootie 2
previous pups roberts pup
pictures from families 4
previous pups Tuffy for website.
pictures from families.
pic from families for website.
Tuffy 1 year old bd
picture from families
Picture from family 2
picture for website 3
Pumpkin x Loui
sochi in yard
previous pup new site cleo
previous pup new site cleo-2
previous pup new site- don't remember
previous pup new site eaty mugsy 2
previous pup new site eaty mugsy
Samir nov. 2014 2 cropped
samir nov. 2014
stewart and family feb 2013
wilson and hurley new
Wilson and mom
Ruca jan 2015 2
rocco for website
rocco for website-2
Rudy aug 2013 3
rudy aug 2013 1
doc and zoey cropped 1
doc and zoey cropped 2
doc and zoey cropped 3
semper for website 1
tbone and tinkerbell oct 2015 2
Semper Oct 2015
Holly on bench
phil 2 years old 3
phil  2 years old 1
phil 2 years old 4
Vince 2 years old
wilson 1 year old cropped
Wilson great pic
Zoey 9 months-1
zoey fall 2014 cropped
Willow oct 2014 1
ziva mar 8th 2
wix pic 7
vicki hudson bullie
Twinkie in tutu
vicki hudson dogs july 19 2015
vicki's bullies
Lugnut april 2015
lugnut christmas 2014
Lugnut for facebook 2016
mac 4 months 4
mac for website
Odie Oct 2013
odie sept 17th
Calvin 1 year old
Calvin morning coffee
hanley 1 year old 2
Hanley 1 year old
Hanley helping decorate for christmas 2
Harry for website
Harry and Alexis kiss
tuck great picture 2
mac 4 months 9
carl 4 months 1
carl feb 2015
ziva oct 2014 7
Chloe 1 year old
Chowder 4 months old
ramzies june 2011-7
Rogan and michelle snipped
mac with antlers fixed
mason dec 2015
Eaty oct 2011
boss and tuck with dad 9 months old
Boston feb 2015
Bentley and kitty
dozer 1 year old hug
dozer for facebook
Dude 2 years old.
gunner april 29th 2014
previous pup new site fritz
previous pup new site gracie
previous pup new site kelowna pup
Previous pup new site leon
previous pup new site leo-2
fritz sept 2013 4
Jeter july 2015_edited
Winston and Bailey for website
Hank 1 year old
otis new-2
pie on paddle board.
Vince jan 15 15
Chowder for wix 1
Chowder for wix 2
Hootie for wix
Charlie for wix 1
Chuck for wix 2_edited
chuck for wix 3_edited
harry for wix and website
Harry Reindeer
Holly face feb 2014
hanley and pool june 2015 2
girls brother in montana christmas
George March 2014
Gus Puddles brother
Gus christmas lights dec. 2015
Gunner 15 months old
Jetter christmas 2014
jackie june 2013 2
frank dozer for website aug 2015 6
frank dozer for website aug 2015 8
frank 5
frank 8
frank 7
sochi here 2
samir 1st birthday !
Rufus and Cody.
roxy sept 4
Ruca fall 2014
ruby and oly april 2015
Rogan with his big bullie stick
Rogan good picture for website
rogan sleeping june 2015
Odie birthday picture
Otto in tube adorable
Otto and Piper sept 25 2015
Max x scarlett boy
mac 4 months 9
eaty learning to swim summer 2011
Dude christmas 2014 pic
hudson july 1 2015 2
Titus x Sochi boy
Vince tug of war april 2-15
tbone for website
tbone feb 2015
Baby Fergus 027
Beau cute for website may 11 2014
Bear and Fritz camping
Beau aug 18th 2014
annie for facebook
Amos 5 months old 2
annie for website
Amos nov. 2015 2
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